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Best Medicare Classes

Do you find medicare puzzling?

Don’t stress, you are not alone.

Attend one of our upcoming classes to bolster your Medicare planning.

Medicare Basics - "Navigating the Medicare Maze"

Saturday, June 15th
11:00AM – 12:00PM
Bunten Road Park Activity Center
Main Activity Room
3180 Bunten Rd, Duluth, GA 30096

Medicare Basics - "Navigating the Medicare Maze"
Saturday, July 20th
10:00AM – 11:00AM
Buford Community Center
Railroad Room
2200 Buford Hwy, Buford, GA 30518
Medicare Basics - "Navigating the Medicare Maze"

Tuesday, July 23th
6:30PM – 7:30PM
Buford Community Center
Railroad Room
2200 Buford Hwy, Buford, GA 30518

How Much Do You Know About Medicare Benefits?

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Fully understanding Parts A & B can be difficult alone, but Parts C and D can be daunting for the vast majority of people eligible for Medicare. Also, there are gaps in Medicare coverage that can be filled with a Medicare Supplement. Medicare Supplement plans can come in all shapes and sizes, just like us. Come learn about the different options available to see which plan makes the most "cents" for you and your budget.

This one hour course is designed to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information, education and knowledge to help you properly prepare for Medicare; including Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Part D options.

Medicare is a complicated program. It is to your benefit to understand how it works and how you can maximize your benefits. Join us at the location(s) above for an informal session where we will help you understand how wisely managing your Medicare benefits, starts with understanding the facts.

Why Should I Attend?
Who is This For?

Medicare plans  can have different levels of premiums and out of pockets costs,  Being possibly over-insured  with high premium plans, or leaving yourself under-insured and exposed to high medical costs are not  healthy financial scenarios. All key variables in your process of choosing your Medicare strategy.

Can I still contribute to my HSA if I enroll in Part A or B

If you enroll in Medicare Part A and/or B, you can no longer contribute pre-tax dollars to your HSA. The month your Medicare begins, your account overseer should change your contribution to your HSA to zero dollars per month.

Do my spouse and I have to enroll in same Medicare plan (ie. Advantage, Medigap, or prescription drug plan)

Medicare is an individual enrollment and not a household enrollment. You and your spouse can enroll in different plans.

Are the instructors versed in real world Medicare planning?

Each of our instructors certifies each year to maintain their Medicare agent certification.  Instructors are in your local community and available if you wish more assistance. There is no fee for their assistance.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by Medicare and Medicare Plans?”

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) covers any pre-existing conditions you had before you became eligible for Medicare.  There is no underwriting for Medicare Parts A, B, C or D.

Is this just another sales presentation?

Our classes are “Education Only” and Medicare compliance rules forbid any specific insurance company plans to be discussed in class. Our instructors consistently follow the Medicare Compliance rule in each and every class.  Marketing of plans is not allowed in class.

Our instructors are dedicated to providing informative classes to bolster your Medicare planning.


Our classes represent the "Best Medicare Classes" you could attend.

We go beyond the usual explanations of Medicare enrolment process and individual parts of A, B C and D.

Our perspective guides you in assessing how your Medicare plan selection may impact your retirement funds.

We give you the guidelines in evaluating all paths of Medicare planning.

About The Organizer

Robert is our lead instructor. He has taught over 500 retirement related courses (Medicare, Social Security, Long Term Care and others) across the Metro Atlanta area. Robert typically surveys his class in the first 5 minutes to identify their most key questions. He is a Certified Financial Fiduciary and a retirement strategies specialist.

He is the primary instructor for retirement related courses for the public classes hosted by the City of Duluth, the City of Decatur and the City of Sugar Hill.GA. Robert also is a Medicare instructor for the senior non-credit programs for the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State Univ.

Meet The Team

Yuliya Weight

Yuliya Weight

Yuliya is also a Suwanee, Georgia resident. She constructs our calendar of classes and coordinates the scheduling with the specific facilities or public sites. Her efforts are focused on insuring each class has the best room set up for learning and comfort. In addition she is the logistics manager for the hundreds of student handbooks that must be customized each year for our various classes.

Yuliya often assists with the registration/sign-in table outside each class to welcome you with a smile and a hello. She is also the person that sends birthday cards to all our Medicare and financial clients during the year.

Lisa Pettipas

Lisa is our key person for your registration for classes. She maintains the registrations lists for all our classes and prepares the individual sign-in sheets for all our classes registration tables that you see when you arrive.

Lisa sends you email reminders (with site directions) for the class and  will send you (upon your request) a text reminder of the class. Often Lisa makes a reminder call to registrants. If you inform her that your schedule has changed, Lisa will assist you in registering for a future class. Lisa also sends you a pdf version of the class material if you request that on the feedback form. She wants you to have the information to review again.

“I was skeptical that it might be a disguised Medicare plan sales program.  I was so glad I was wrong.   Mr. Cox made us feel comfortable and we learned what options to consider which plan makes sense for each of us.”

-Michelle and Elliott S. – Sugar Hill, GA

“A whole lot of information.  Instructor broke it down and showed us how to choose which path of Advantage or Supplement might be best for us.   Others asked a lot of questions and  it made the class even more  enjoyable.  I was not the only one that was confused before I came.  Not confused now!”

-Linda M. – Decatur, GA

“Had read the Medicare and You handbook and  came with only few questions.  Thought I knew it well.  Now I do.  The example of the costs of a Medigap plan versus an Advantage plan was an eye-opener.   Was worth my time.  Thank you.”

-Tim S. – Duluth, GA

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Please note:

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 15 organizations which offer 117  products in your area. Please contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.

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